About MIS


The Institute of Information Management was established in August 1990. It is the first institute established after the restructuring of Taipei University and is affiliated to the School of Business. The institute is an independent research institute without a university department, but it still fully integrates the resources of other departments of the business school, so that the institute has good quality in both teaching and research, and therefore has an excellent internal organization and management mechanism. and teacher-student interaction.


In order to cultivate the professional and research talents required by the information society and electronic enterprises, the development direction of the institute focuses on information system management and digital marketing, focusing on information technology, combining cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data analysis , block chain technology and application, industrial application, digital marketing, online market research, and consumer behavior related knowledge, encourage academic research and practical application, and hope that students will become the backbone of information management in the future.


1. Cultivate the professional ability of information system management
2. Cultivate the professional ability of network marketing
3. Develop research skills

Core Competence

1. Information technology new knowledge exploration and system development and application
2. Internet marketing planning ability
3. New knowledge of thesis writing and independent research ability

Admission Channels

  • The institute recruits a total of 15 general students with a bachelor's degree every year, and the admissions channels are divided into screening admission and general examination admission.
  • The screening entrance examination is held between October and November every year, and is mainly based on "written review" and "interview".
  • The general entrance examination is held between February and March every year, and is mainly based on the "written test".

  • TypeQuotaSubjectPercentage
    Admission via Recommendation8Application Packet50%
    Admission Prospectus7Selection:
    1.Management Information System
    2. Foundations of Computer Science